Unique Smart contract

NETA has a unique smart contract which works through the following:

5% Buy Tax

10.5% Instant refund in $NETA tokens

5% Sell tax

When an investor buys $NETA tokens they pay a 5% buy tax, but on the exact same transaction 10.5% of their total buy gets refunded to them in tokens. When the investor proceeds to sell they will proceed to pay a 5% tax. The roundtrip tax amounts to 0.225% profit if the price remains the same thus making this the first ever negative tax token.

Tax breakdown on Buy/Sell:

3% For Ethereum ($ETH) rewards airdropped to the wallet every hour on Base network

2% For Marketing and Development


1) Investor A buys $100 worth of $NETA

2) The Investor pays 5% in tax

3) Balance of Investor A = $95

4) On the exact same buy transaction Investor A recieves a 10.5% instant refund of his initial buy in $NETA (10.5% x $100)

5) Balance of Investor A = $105.5

6) When Investor A proceeds to sell he will pay a 5% Sell tax

7) Balance of Investor A = $100.225

Overall there is 0.225% profit made from a buy and sell (IF price hasn't changed)

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